Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Game of Riffs: You Heckle or You Die (and a look at the updated Rifftrax app)

Seeing the first episode of Game of Thrones with Rifftrax's, uh, opinons serves two purposes. First, you'd be stunned on how much the show and its characters have changed over the years, Second, it's more proof that no one is safe from Rifftrax. They're planning riffs on the first episodes of The Walking Dead and Daredevil later this year

The mp3 riff was released this week for Kickstarter backers and the general public, and was reviewed by several websites who were apparently surprised Rifftrax would go this far. Personally, I have never seen the first episode, "Winter is Coming", but it looked like a completely different show compared to what it is now. For one thing, it had to stick to the book more or less. Still, it's surprising to see people who are now dead or have worse hair (especially House Stark). It's also strange to see a meek Daenerys Targaryen preparing to be Khal Drogo's bride so her pervy brother Viserys can get an army to seize the Iron Throne, Based on the episode alone, no one would guess she'd wind up being Mother of Dragons and Downright Sexy Fireproof Conqueror.

So, let's get to the riffs:

One of the Night's Watch sees a dead Wilding girl
Critics show Pixar how much they didn't like Brave

"I saw the White Walkers"
You mean the old ladies who hang around the pharmacy section at Target?

They find the body of a large direwolf who just gave birth to pups
Looks like Little Red Riding Hood finally had enough

King Robert Baratheon arrives at Winterfell but where's the entrance music?
Where's Ye All Ready For This and Who Let the Direwolves Out?

"A Dothraki wedding without at least three deaths is considered a dull affair"
Oh, like a NASCAR race.

Drogo is about to make Daenerys a woman the only way he knows how
Cinemax is so sleazy
This is HBO
What artistic bravery.

There are also riffs on Game of Thrones in general, Ricky Gervais, another new slogan for Golden Corral, the Beach Boys, the Metrodome, Michael Cera and something Jason Momoa will be doing soon.

To make this review different from others, I'll throw in a quick review of the updated Rifftrax app. Right now, the Android version has been changed to allow people to synch up with their libraries, and buy new mp3 riffs from their phones, However, it also means losing the six Star Wars mp3 riffs people were enjoying for free.The iOS version has not been approved yet, so people can still enjoy those riffs for free through their iPhones and iPads.
However, the one big drawback that the riffs don't start until the dialogue does is still there. That means anyone who sees any of the Star Wars movies will lose several riffs, and hearing the mp3 through the website is the only way to get the complete experience.

Come to think of it, to get the complete experience of having Game of Thrones get the Rifftrax experience, let's add Kevin and Bill singing the "love there" from the show (also known as strange lyrics to the opening theme)

The riff for Game of Thrones can be found at the Rifftrax website. It also has riffs on the first two episodes of Grey's Anatomy with Mike and Bridget Nelson, and Lost and Heroes with Mike.

Meanwhile, tickets for the MST3K Reunion at hundreds of theaters nationwide on June 28th are still available, Just check out the Fathom Events website.

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