Thursday, June 16, 2016

Rifftrax's Dynamic Duo Defies "Gravity"

Last week, Rifftrax released its take on the Oscar-winning sci-fi classic Gravity, with Mary Jo Pehl and Bridget Nelson doing the riffing honors.
I had expected Mary Jo to be stunned that Clooney, as Matt Kowalski, isn't the hero but Sandra Bullock as Ryan Stone is. Actually, they got in a few digs on Clooney, and compared Bullock's dilemmas while trying to get back to Earth to typical life in Minnesota. It was more proof that these two gals just might wind up taking over Rifftrax.

I had hoped to enjoy the riff through the updated Rifftrax Android app, but it still didn't add the riff for that movie or the first episode of Game of Thrones. For now, the best way to enjoy the riff is through the website. I still plan to see both of those features once the riffs are added to my app.

What surprised me is that they sometimes broke into song, and their choices seemed really odd. When Kowalski decides to detach himself from Stone so that she could survive, the girls started singing "My Heart Will Go On". There might be a similarity between that scene and Jack saving Rose in Titanic, but it was unusual. Also, when Stone tried to use the escape pod at the International Space Station but got caught by the debris, Bridget and Mary Jo broke into the theme song for Mary Tyler Moore. To be fair, they were hoping that Stone was "gonna make it after all". They had one more song, and we'll just say it's easy to identify. It also shows they're ready for the Reunion show in a couple of weeks.

More riffs:

Clooney as Kowalski floats into the screen
Looks like they Photoshopped his face into a terrarium

"Half of North America just lost their Facebook"
I hope my mother did

Kowalski tries to help Stone as they're both floating in space
OK, Mary Jo, he looks great but he sorta sounds like Buzz Lightyear

Stone floats around the International Space Station
And she bumps into the cast of Interstellar

She has problems getting away on part of the space station
I wish she had her own Chewbacca

There's also riffs on Uber, Trader Joe's, Carrot Top, Bullock's love life, Hamburger Helper, OK Go and another recent sci-fi movie.

Bridget and Mary Jo's experiences growing up in the Midwest gave the riff on Gravity a unique flavor, It was quite different than how Mary Jo commented on women in space when she took on Doomsday Machine for Cinematic Titanic. The girls also took in a classic example of sexist sci-fi, Catwomen of the Moon, The riff for Gravity, and lots of other movies, are available on the Rifftrax website.

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