Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Riffstarter 2017: Here We Go Again...And MST3K Gets A Start Date

A couple of weeks ago, details started leaking out that Rifftrax's new batch of bad movies would be coming April 13th, and the first movie would be Samurai Cop, which is a popular selection at the Rifftrax website. I already have a review of this "gem".

Now, the gang is asking its fans once again to chip in to help mock bad movies from somewhere in Tennessee.
They're asking 250 thousand dollars, and fans are already well on their way to hit the goal maybe within a week or two.The only question is what kind of stretch goals will be offered.

Aside from Samurai Cop, Rifftrax will have a "summer shorts" show in June similar to the Christmas shorts show they had a long time ago. Hopefully "Summer Is An Adventure" won't be included because Summer is actually quite boring in that short. It will include the Riffing Housewives, Mary Jo Pehl and Bridget Nelson, plus unknown others.

The big event will happen in August. The name of the movie is unknown right now due to legal red tape, but it could be anything from Twilight to Catwoman. It's expected to be revealed when the 250K goal is reached. The gang will only say it's a bad movie that's never been riffed.
There's a section where people can suggest what movie to, er, respond to. The latest list includes a Barbie movie, a TV movie version of Dr. Strange from 1978, a knockoff of The Incredible Hulk, and Beastmaster 2 (which would be a great idea because it was a riff in "Bride of the Monster"). La La Land is also there, but that was due to fans of Manchester By The Sea.
We do know, though, Rifftrax will take on Rogue One eventually. Might be due to K-2SO being more of a wit than Crow and Tom Servo combined.

Anyway, you can chip in to Rifftrax's new season by going here.

Meanwhile, Easter Weekend will have extra meaning this year. The Kickstarter page, namely Joel Hodgson, says Mystery Science Theater 3000 will return April 14th, Good Friday (and the day after Rifftrax's show). This will be available to Netflix subscribers and those who dropped at least 40 bucks to get the eleventh season. Thus, the show can now identify with two holidays, Easter and Thanksgiving.
And....we have a cast photo:

The new SOL looks more complicated, but at least it's better lit than the Sci-Fi Channel years. Gypsy looks a bit more streamlined with a narrower head, but that was mentioned at Comic-Con last summer.
Kinga's hairdo suggests that maybe she's Pearl-ish but she wants our money instead of the world. However, white lab coats? Where's the green labcoats? The white goggles, though, are a nice touch.
Otherwise, meet the new experiment, just like the old experiment except in widescreen and HD (except for the movies, still analog and cheesy).
So if Peter Cottontail is a bit late this year, this is why.

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