Friday, November 14, 2008

ABC won't shut its Pie Hole...for now

Bad news, Pie Hole fans.....the Futon Critic has revealed the mid-season schedule for ABC, which will include dates soon. The thing is....Pushing Daisies is nowhere to be found on Wednesday nights or any night. It will be replaced by two sitcoms, Scrubs (picked up on waivers from NBC) and The Goode Family, either in late February or March. Thus, the back nine order is no more. It's the same story for Dirty Sexy Money, but that show has never given away pie.
Yet, According to Jim takes up a whole hour on Tuesdays against Fringe. Well, my choice is clear.

Of course, some may decide that Ned should grab his Pie Hole with his two hands, hoping his Magic Touch will save the show. Well, it won't work that way. Neither will throwing pies at the ABC building in Burbank with the worst pie fillings ever.

On the other hand..............well, seriously...

This means that getting more people to watch Pushing Daisies will be important right through February. It's clear we won't get a full 22 episode season, but it means the show will last an entire full season over two years. If it matches up against strong competition, including American Idol, through February sweeps, we'll get a third season. It's our only hope.

Still, if ABC went through all the trouble to set up a Mobile Pie Hole Tour, it should have given the show a full order of 22 shows. Maybe a clip show would help to get people caught up. It will certainly do that for Lost before it comes back in January.

The point's up to us regular Pie Hole customers. We get people to watch, and we get a third season. Otherwise, we get a cliffhanger that is never resolved.

Wait a minute...where's Nathan Fillon's show, Castle? Well, maybe next fall.

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