Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's a Browncoat Thanksgiving

This holiday season will be different for me. It's the first time I won't be in any Firefly fan event in December. The past three years have been the Flanvention, the Backup Browncoat Bash and the Firefly Cruise to Cabo. All three have been unforgettable moments as a Whedonista.

However, December 2008 will not include trips to Southern California, or face-to-face meetings with any important cast members. I won't even be able to sneak into an early screening of a possible Oscar contender. If I'm lucky, I may go spend some pre-Christmas time in San Francisco.

Still, it's not a total loss. This weekend, I will be in L-A, completing my Firefly fan experience by finally meeting Gina Torres. Aside from being the distinguished wife of the new head of Las Vegas CSI (on TV, that is), she will soon be on Pushing Daisies if ABC remembers it still has to show the episodes it ordered. (Yes, I'm bitter. What of it, and you feel that way, too...right?). It's the main reason I am going. I would hope that despite the fact it's just before Thanksgiving, and this bad economy, they'll attract a lot of people to this event. Having Summer Glau and Adam Baldwin on the same day should help. If I could, I can ask her if it's OK if the photo op I had with her and Sean Maher can be on MySpace....for starters.

After that, I may squeeze in a few other things, like watching Repo! at the Sunset 5, hunting movie swag, and hoping to get an unadvertised screening of a future big movie. If nothing else, I still have a few movie passes I plan to put to good use. I expect to be seeing Milk, Frost/Nixon and maybe The Reader through the holidays.

As for my Thanksgiving, I will actually have the entire four-day weekend for the first time in years. Usually, I work through Turkey Day. After collecting way too many replacement holidays for six years, they are giving me a break. This also means I could try going to Target or something to take advantage of a Black Friday sale. The last time that worked out for me was last year, when I got good DVD's at Suncoast at embarrassingly cheap prices. It's not every day you can get a fairly recent movie for less than the ticket price, such as 300 or Children of Men.

I also got curious about how Canada celebrates Thanksgiving, since it takes place around the time of Columbus Day. Thanks to Wikipedia (what else?), I learned that people could have their holiday dinner at any time during the holiday, not just Monday. That's like having Thanksgiving on Friday or even Sunday instead of Thursday. I wonder if that idea could be popular in the states. Naaaah.

There is one issue I have with Thanksgiving, aside from department stores trying to jump-start Christmas just after Veteran's Day. Safeway has the nerve to offer turkeys for six to eight dollars, depending on the size IF you buy another 25 bucks worth of other items. Now, this is no big deal for a mom who has to cook for a family of four, but what about us single guys who have already picked up bargains at other stores, and live too far away from another store chain? This would have been resolved if not for the fact I am going to L-A this weekend, and all the turkeys will probably be gone before I get back. Oh, well, Cornish game hens should work just as well.

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