Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Time in L-A,part one

Some snarky guys think her interview with Rolling Stone was dumb.
Well, when you're looking at this...

That's one sexy demon

and this...

Well, gotta run....

No one is noticing what Megan Fox says...except when she talks about how high school wasn't so great for her, and how cliques suck. That's cool.

These aren't as sharp as the professional shots, but considering I was about 50 feet away, and had to fight for space with 200 other people with cameras for this event Wednesday at Hollywood and Highland, this isn't so bad. Neither are these shots with Diablo Cody (who should renounce blonde-ness in my view) and Amanda Seyfried

Diablo Cody a blonde?

Lily Kane lives!

As for actually going to see Jennifer's Body, I might eventually, even if Rotten Tomatoes isn't giving it the praise it should get.
Oh, wait, this is a horror movie. Blood always offsets what the critics think. To be honest, I'm more interested in Whip It with Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page...and not because I met some Hurl Scouts at Comic-Con, either.

Anywho, today is Bonnie day, as I see her show for the last time in 2009, and maybe for keeps unless some Sacramento station decides to take her back. KCRA has tossed her aside for keeps, but it should have sent her to My58 quickly. We don't need two hours of Maury and Springer a day...or one hour, for that matter.
It's also the first "Mail from you guys" segment for the new season. I would be surprised if she didn't mention the pile of mail she's gotten from Sacramento fans. I'll let them know I live there, and am prepared to apologize on behalf of the city.
I am also worried I won't get to see Conan despite asking for a ticket to tomorrow's show two months ago. They prefer giving out tickets in a drawing rather than people who ask early. Well, if they let me know I can't see Courtney Cox in person, I still have this, which would also be considered the ideal solution to the housing slump.

Sure cure for the housing slump

Eat your heart out, Edie Britt

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