Thursday, September 17, 2009

My time in Los Angeles, part 2

Bonnie Hunt's show is as funny and engaging as ever.
Poor, poor KCRA. What has it done?

The taping for 9/18 was a bit different than the usual routine, For one thing, the main guest, Dennis Quaid, wasn't there. Since he had to be in New York for two other shows, they did it last week. However, Bonnie decided to let the crowd see the interview before resuming with her own taping. The night before, Jimmy Kimmel ended his taping early because the musical guest, Pink had already done her concert a couple of days before. If only he had let us stay so we could see that, even if it's on tape.

The first "Mail From You Guys" segment didn't talk abut Sacramento, but that may happen someday. A lot of Catholic jokes were told, including one that I am convinced will never be shown. The other guests, Miranda Cosgove and Jeff from Big Brother 11, were good, too. Even got a new pair of Sketchers sneakers out of the deal. They'll mail a voucher for them, and hopefully remember my address. I'm still waiting for that book Carl Reiner promised to the audience way back in April. I am hoping his people hasn't lost the list. Just saying.

One thing that did disappoint me is that Bonnie's band has been cut to just Nick and his magic keyboard. He's still part of the show, but I preferred a full band. Hopefully after Bonnie reduces a few other politicians to frightened Jello, she'll get better ratings and have a full band again.

So, it's great to see Bonnie again, but I'd prefer to see her on my TV, instead of flying down to Culver City every week. I will go back, but I'd rather see the other guys first.

Like Conan and his new system of choosing potential audience members out of a hat. Despite the fact that I asked for a ticket in July, they never responded to me if I got a ticket to the taping on 9/18. I will try again, but it will be a while. Next up for me is Ellen Degeneres, because I can't believe she's sold out until Thanksgiving.

The upside is that I get to go to a game show taping, the first time in years. This time, it's Catch 21, and I'm at the first taping block. I'm not sure how many shows they're taping, but I suspect it may be a week's worth. If I somehow wind up competing, and even getting some bucks or swag, I'll be sure to thank Conan's lousy method of ticket distribution. Then, I'll go to an improv show called "Hammertime" because it includes two members of The Guild, or maybe three if I'm very lucky (and I mean Codex).

Saturday is free, and that means shopping and one visit to Pinks. Sunday is one word...Emmys

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