Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Where did Bonnie go?

Today is the first day The Bonnie Hunt Show has been off Sacramento TV. Her show lost the annual game of musical chairs that daytime talk shows play when there's a new show.

In this case, Dr. Oz is the new hot show, because he's the second spinoff from Oprah Winfrey's show. He's been taking Bonnie's time slots in several cities, including Sacramento. In nearly every case, she has found a new home.
Guess where she hasn't?

If KCRA had hoped that no one would notice Bonnie is off the air, it was sadly mistaken. A lot of Sacramento fans went to the show's website to complain. A few others did do on the fan page. I knew about this about two weeks before anyone else only because I saw an ad for Dr. Oz, and what time it would be on. That's how I sent an e-mail to the station, asking if, at the very least, they'd ship Bonnie off to KQCA, My58. Well, they didn't. My58 is very happy showing two episodes each of Maury Povich and Jerry Springer...and repeats of Oprah and Dr. Oz after KCRA shows them. Thus, no room for Bonnie. Too bad.

Now, I am going to see a Bonnie Hunt taping next week, and I'll tell the warm-up guy where I live. I fully expect scorn and dirty looks from the guy. Hey, you have to blame someone.

I notice a few other people wondering where Bonnie went, not realizing she went to another station. You'd think the stations who will get Bonnie would promote it, even she's on the other station. Well, things should settle down by the end of the month, and things should be fine....almost everywhere.

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