Saturday, September 19, 2009

Still in SoCal, part 3

It's Saturday morning, and I have to move to another hotel, because it was planned that way.
Let's just say, it was a way for me to cut costs on my hotel bill. This won't be so bad. If the other hotel says I can drop off my luggage in the room I will be at, and I go on my merry way, that will work.

Friday was interesting. After Conan O'Brien's staff never got back to me about last night's taping, I caught the first taping of the new Catch 21 shows. Actually, it was very entertaining. Two of the shows were celebrity versions, an I'll just say cards were dealt and money was made. You'll know more once the new season starts in a few weeks. At least they got Applebee's as a sponsor, and weren't forced to put the logo on the cards or power chips.
Also, I came across an odd ambulance at Hollywood and Highland. You'll see that later.

Friday night, I found a great $10 bargain.."Hammer Don't Hurt 'em improv, which inlcudes half of the Guild. The half with Jeff, Sandeep and Felicia, that is.
This was the first improv show I've seen since The Groundlings five years ago, when I think I may have seen Kristen Wiig there. The Hammer group, though, was more free-wheeling. In about an hour, they riffed on the Great Gatsby, heathens, books, dragons, cream, home-schooling and certain male body parts. They also broadcast this show on the internet, but I don't know if they've decided to save this to allow people to see it later. There is a site on the US Stream website, at If they add Friday's show, they should put an "explicit!" warning on it. It should also have a "damn funny!" warning, too. It also shows Sandeep's a pretty good MC.

So, today is a lot of rambling, swag buying and a visit to Pink's

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