Monday, March 8, 2010

Dear Comcast: Please Upgrade When Nothing Is Happening

I got a notice a couple of days ago from Comcast saying it was going to do some rewiring as part of its efforts to bring me better service and not get near those socialists, Dish Network and DirecTV.
I thought nothing of it because I thought they'd probably get to my street on a Tuesday. Instead, they arrived last Saturday....and nearly ruined my Oscar weekend.
They spent about 20 minutes doing their job, then left. I thought my service would be restored, and I'd get to a long evening of catching up on my DVR stuff, including the Independent Spirit Awards. Instead, I had NO DVR service, or premium service or OnDemand service. Oh, and no news, USA network, or sports. All I had was the local digital channels, which would be enough if the ABC channel would be there for me Oscar night.
Yesterday, I wound up having no channels at all. I called AND texted Comcast to at least give me the Oscars so I can mock them MST3K style through Twitter (as were millions of others worldwide). To their credit, Comcast did come through. It seems I wasn't the only person who was panicking. Of course, it means I won't get a chance to see what a movie awards show is SUPPOSED to be until later this week (and yes I mean the Spirit Awards), but at least I'll still have it.

So, my anger will hopefully mean a refund, and maybe an offer to give me a free OnDemand movie or six months of HBO. I think if Comcast is going through all the trouble of trusting them with our entertainment needs, even relying on Shaquille O'Neal, they should make sure the "upgrades" actually work. After all, even though the Oscars are over, the preparations for NCAA basketball playoff action is getting into full swing. Take cable away from a guy during that, and you deserve all the grief you make

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