Thursday, March 4, 2010

TV Life After Vancouver

Well, it's been four days since the snow-ish carnival that was the Winter Olympics. It may have had a less-than-perfect start but had a perfect ending with the US-Canada hockey final, and that way out closing ceremony. I still say Bill Murray would have been a better choice for the musical number with those inflatable Mounties and such. Can Nick Poutine really outdo Michael Buble? Hell yes!

So, what now? Well, in Canada, there's the NHL, and the Memorial Cup. We Yanks, on the other hand, have lots of options: the Oscars, spring training baseball, and the NCAA Final Four.

As far as TV is concerned, it's basically Lost for me. I suspect the Islandverse and SidewaysVerse will collide a lot sooner than the two Earths battling for survival on Fringe. I just hope JJ Abrams will not go to "it's all a dream" copout, like SPider-Man (the comic book) did. I just have the feeling the destinies of Flight 815 will be "adjusted" in the final battle, whatever it is.
For the first time in years, I am skipping 24, and don't think I am missing anything. Besides, the real point of this season won't happen until maybe mid-April, as it always does.

Personally, my month is going to be dull until three weeks from now, when I head for three big events: the NCAA Women's Basketball Regional Finals at Arco (cheaper ticket, Stanford may be there, and a much better seat), WonderCon (on Easter weekend this year, which better mean more movie previews for Memorial Day) and Wizard World Anaheim (only because I want to see Miss Dushku, and whether Anaheim can possibly handle Comic-Con if it steals it from San Diego the way Indy stole the Colts from Baltimore).

For now, I just wait for March to get warmer, although I have this fear (not in CA, thankfully) we may get an Easter blizzard somewhere in the US. I'd like the self-appointed weather experts explain this.

ETA: just found out that Eliza Dushku won't be going to Anaheim after all. Apparently an unexpected awards ceremony...oh, wait, that's someone else's, she has a new film role.
Maybe she'll send someone with confirmation that she will be filming a new movie with Joss at the helm. It would be nice to know a silly rumor turned out to be true...and a good one.
While I am REALLY disappointed by this, since this was the reason I wanted to go to Anaheim, there are still plenty of other Whedon celebs, too, from Jewel Staite (fresh from CreationCon four months ago) to Juliet Landau and Miracle Laurie.
Maybe Sarah Michelle Gellar...nah....but if James Marsters can commit to some Wizard events later this year.....whoa.
It's still several weeks away, though. I can still grade the event on whether Anaheim can handle Comic-Con

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