Thursday, March 11, 2010

No Conan, No Peace...But A Sold-Out Tour Will Do

From time to time, we are told the real reason why "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" exists: it was cheaper to fire Conan than let Jay Leno go. There are reports he could have pocketed 120 million if the Peacock kept Conan. Thus, Conan isn't worth 120 million, but is worth 45 million....reluctantly.

Well, geniuses, considering how quickly seats for this "Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On TV" tour are selling, Conan is worth 45 million...and more.
It's been revealed slowly he'd do a 30-city tour to meet with fans, and maybe try out some ideas when he comes back to TV, preferably at Fox so it can prove to itself it doesn't need 24 and American Idol to exist (but should have admitted having a Dollhouse or a Firefly would have been great).
Anywho, when I woke up to discover the news, I immediately got a $57 dollar ticket to the show on April 22nd at the Masonic. Sure, with convenience fees, it's 74 bucks, but at least I am getting a decent seat at a 3200 seat facility. I was hoping the Orpheum was available, because that's where he had his show three years ago. Well, it should be some night.

Now, I didn't know there was a list of the 30 cities on the tour. Still, it wouldn't include Sacramento....but it did. He's coming two weeks after the SF show. I blew at least 50 bucks because I thought Conan would consider Sacramento too shoddy to be considered...just like the guys who decide where the NCAA Final Four regionals should be held. Not only that, I could have gone for a 40 dollar ticket if I could.
Sure, I jumped the gun, but looking back, it's better to be quick. I'm already hearing of Conan tickets being scalped big time. Does that ever happen to Jay Leno when he does a stand-up comedy show in Vegas or Thunder Valley Casino? Nope.

So, the point is, I'm going. If I'm lucky, maybe I'll see him wandering around the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium, discovering that the most gourmet thing he'll get near that place is Wolfgang Puck Pizza. Actually, he'll have better luck at the Hyatt or Sheraton nearby. Maybe he'll be seen at either place. I'd be stunned if he stopped by KFBK, since his Sacramento stop is immediately after a show in San Jose the night before. He does have two days to rest before the next stop in Colorado. We'll hope for the best.

With the popularity of the "Prohibited" tour after just one day, you have to wonder if NBC could ever make 125 mil from Leno is just one day. The network certainly will as long as he's there, likely after ten years. It might take even longer, once Conan returns to TV. If people can pay between 50 and 75 bucks to see him for one night, after seeing him for free, what does that say about Jay Leno?

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