Saturday, March 10, 2012

Does Anaheim Want Wondercon If It Can't Have Comic-Con?

Wondercon's brief detour to Anaheim is coming this weekend, and it looks like the organizers wouldn't mind if it stayed there.

Usually it's in San Francisco, but the Moscone Center is under construction. That means no cable cars, fog, or dozens of bars within walking distance.
However, it does mean ducking out to Disneyland, but when? Aren't we supposed to talk about comics, new movie and what coming up on TV?

Well, it looks like the organizers have come up with that. They are selling discount tickets to Disneyland and California Adventure. Considering I can spend eight hours in Disneyland for 45 bucks, that's not too bad. Then again, using it at California Adventure is less of a bargain if it's only good between four and nine p-m. They have full-day tickets which are still at discount, but they'll probably be used during the first day by anyone not interested in 21 Jump Street, Chris Hardwick or a new Superman animated movie. They may alsohave to check the weather forcast, since rain is expected.

They're also offering discount movie tickets to something I never heard of, the UltraLuxe Anaheim Theater. Ir's not Imax, but you have a chance to drink beer while watching The Lorax or sit on special "enhanced seats" while seeing John Carter. I fully expect a lot of drunk guys watching Breaking Dawn II at that theater. It's basically a high-end version of the AMC multi-plex at Downtown Disney. It's odd, though, that they're not selling tickets to movies during Wondercon weekend. Could we have a secret premiere, perhaps....about a house in the forest with some guy who looks like Thor? You know the one.

The biggest hint, however, is that they're offering free shuttle service from Angel Stadium's parking lot. They don't even offer that in Comic-Con. Why? Because San Diego has light-rail.

So, is that enough? I will admit there are some things about the area around the Convention Center I never knew about, like the Gardenwalk. I also learned that Wal-Mart, Target and Food4Less are relatively close to Wondercon but not as close as CVS and Ralph's are to the San Diego Convention Center.

So, the Wondercon organizers are trying their hardest to offer perks to get people to consider Anaheim as a better place for the con than San Francisco. I still say it's better to have Wondercon in SF then Comic-Con in July. That's perfect balance, and it also preserves Wizard World's traditional Spring spot.

Besides, since the movie moguls don't have to travel so far this year to Wondercon, how come no panel on The Hunger Games, which are coming a week later? How come the Avengers aren't assembling? Where's Grimm? Sure, Emma Stone is plugging Amazing Spider-Man, and we get something on Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Snow White, Game of Thrones, er and the Huntsman. Still, can't we at least have a special giveaway on Mockingjay pins?

Next year, keep Wondercon in San Francisco. That is its true home.

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