Friday, May 24, 2013

Garibaldi's Got Talent

David Garibaldi

Remember this guy?
Performance artist David Garibaldi makes incredible paintings in minutes, usually by using inspiration through music. He almost won America's Got Talent. Here's a little clip...

He was almost as popular as Tesla, the Kings or Kevin Johnson at the Kings rally at Cesar Chavez Plaza. While his painting was broadcast live online, I tried to get him at mid-stroke to show his passion for speed-painting.

Instant classic

This is his process of making a painting of Michael Jackson...

What's next?

Garibaldi action painting

and of John Lennon...

Looks Like Lennon

Shooting blue

Garibaldi finishes Lennon painting

He also made an 3-D painting with the theme, "Here We Stayed"...

Only half a face?

Now, Garibaldi's Crowning Achievement

Stage 2 of Crowning Achievement

Stage 3 of Crowning Achievement

Finished? Not yet

The ultimate instant 3-D Garibaldi painting

So, when they start building the new arena, they should ask Garibaldi to design part of it. He'll make it one of the most unique places around.

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