Friday, May 17, 2013

Here We'll Stay

Mayor Johnson Meets With Fans

Well, so much for my Sonic Kings idea....thank goodness.

So now the Kings have new owners with deep pockets and big dreams that will include a new arena next to the soon-to-be-resurrected Downtown Plaza. I can see a super Kings store in that shopping mall's future...and maybe the Hard Rock Café could come back.

We Did IT!

Mayor Johnson held court at City Hall early Friday morning to make the announcement that the team will stay in Sacramento. Every TV reporter in town was there, plus about 50 fans. There were even city employees getting a very good view:

Happy City Employees

Johnson did thank the Seattle group for its efforts to get back in the NBA, and even the Maloofs for their years as owners.
Only one person from the new ownership was there: local businessman Mark Friedman, who was part of the creation of Arden Fair Mall. Making a downtown version of that would go a long way.

From Arden Fair to a new Downtown Arena

The biggest cheers went to this guy: Carmichael Dave, former KHTK employee and now the head of "#HereWeStay", the group who wants the Kings to stay in town. Anyone who traveled in an RV trying to convince every NBA owner to reject moving the team to Seattle is a man on a mission.

Here We Bought, Here We Will Stay

So, the next step is getting the ownership papers signed and notarized. Then, Mayor Johnson says a bigger rally will be held at Cesar Chavez Park Thursday at 5 PM. This link has some details, but how wild will it get? Well, here are some pictures from the last rally two years ago, when Anaheim tried to buy the team...

Sorry, Anaheim

One shot could have changed things

Present and the future

Oh, and they'll be a band you may have heard of: Cake! Expect "The Distance" to be played, along with "Never There" (in honor of the Maloofs and Seattle's attempt to take the Kings).

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