Friday, May 24, 2013

Long Live the Sacramento Kings

Kings fans

Two years ago, thousands of Sacramento Kings fans gathered in Cesar Chavez Plaza, trying to gather support to stop the Kings from moving to Anaheim. That eventually worked, but it led to new concerns the team would move to Seattle.

This part Thursday, thousands of fans gathered at the Plaza, but this time they had no fears. They gathered to celebrate the future of the Sacramento Kings. This time, there are no fears the team will leave. This time...

The ultimate instant 3-D Garibaldi painting

This instant painting made in minutes by performance artist David Garibaldi, who made a splash during America's Got Talent last summer.

It was quite a carnival as people wore their finest Kings jerseys and caps, and even a foam finger, like this kid did...

He's number one

and these two fans who had their own idea about what they should call the new downtown arena...

Kings' Castle?

Calling an arena a castle may have a nice ring. For a few years, they called the arena in Anaheim a pond.

There were also these fans...

Sign Lady

This woman;s shirt says it all

Then the crowd did a very popular dance, the KJ...

Doing the DJ

It's what Mayor Johnson did when he heard the deal came through

There was also Frank Hannon of Tesla playing "Love Song", with this woman singing lead..

The new owner's daughter sings

They were later joined by Jeff Keith, also of Tesla...

Anjali with two parts of Tesla

So who is she? She is Anjili, daughter of....

Vivek Ranadive

Vivek Ranadive. He's currently co-owner of the Warriors, but he'll soon be part of the new Kings ownership group. He plans to turn around the Kings the way he did with Golden State in recent years. Here he is with Mayor Johnson, as they were talking to TV reporters...

The Mayor and the new team owner

And for you fans of Glee, Chord Overstreet....

Chord Overstreet

His dad wrote "Forever and Ever Amen", familiar to Randy Travis fans.

To close this, let's have this kind have the last word...on his sign..

Sign Kid

Long live the Sacramento Kings, but the day they break ground on the new arena next to Downtown Plaza really will be the first day of the rest of our lives...and the team

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