Thursday, July 18, 2013

2013 Emmys: No Clones or Fake Americans Allowed, But Come In, Netflix

When Orphan Black was being considered as a possible Best Drama nomination at the Emmy Awards, I had my hopes it would happen.

Then I remembered: if the Emmys had no use for vampire slayers, Browncoats, people who run a mysterious warehouse, zombies or time travelers, how can an actress who plays several different clones in one episode get nominated?

Answer: she doesn't.
Tatiana Maslany never had a chance, but at least she'll have TV critics who are also upset about this. It's a cinch this will be discussed at Comic-Con, but I'm sure she's proud of her work, and how it's made Orphan Black a big hit among sci-fi fans.

Also, where are The Americans? Sure, Margo Martindale got a nomination as a guest actress, but no Keri Russell for Best Actress?

However, what some people have predicted did happen: Netflix was welcomed to the Big Boy table with House of Cards getting nine nominations, including Best Drama Series, Best Actor and Best Actress. It took years for cable TV shows to be considered Emmy-worthy, and Netflix did it in less than six months. Meanwhile, Arrested Development's return got a Best Actor in a Comedy nod for Jason Bateman. It should be interesting if Orange Is The New Black will make its mark next year. Also, FunnyOrDie got a nomination for Between Two Ferns, probably for its Oscar nominee interviews, while Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, from, got a nomination. Still, it would have been great if Husbands got noticed. It's mostly due to the Emmys wondering how to properly honor online shows. Maybe with the growth of this type of media, they'll figure out something. They have to, now that Netflix is the first online network to snag a major nomination.

Also, does it tell you something that three shows competing for Best Variety Series have more credibility than Meet the Press or most newspapers when it comes to the news? Yes, we mean The Daily Show, Colbert Report and Real Time With Bill Maher. The two Jimmys, Fallon and Kimmel, are also in the running, but this may be Stephen Colbert's year.

This year's event will also get the attention of Browncoats. Remember the clashes Inara and Saffron had on Firefly, sort of over Mal actually? Now, Christina Hendricks and Morena Baccarin are up for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama. However, they have to fend off two likely choices: Maggie Smith from Downton Abbey and Miss Dragon Mom herself, Emelia Clark from Game of Thrones. I'd choose Clarke only because of the Astapor Barbecue.

By the way, Kristen Wiig's SNL episode as host is coming this weekend. What a coincidence she's nominated for Guest Actress in a Comedy Series, but my money's on Melissa McCarthy for that honor. Her Bank Loan and Evil Basketball Coach sketches are the best arguments. As far as Guest Actor, Justin Timberlake is nominated again, but he'll have to bow to Louis C.K's portrayal of Lincoln.

Best Mini-Series/Movie could be one wild completion. The Emmys should have put Orphan Black in the running since it's 13 episodes, like American Horror Story: Asylum. Still, AHS collected 17 nominations. The big story is Behind the Candelabra, which should have been in the Oscar race if not for short-sided movie executives. It's up for the big award, and may win. However, putting both Michael Douglas and Matt Damon in Best Actor may create vote-splitting and could be better news for benedict Cumberbatch for Parade's End. I still say Douglas should get the award.

Well, this year's Emmys will be very interesting. We should see Best Drama go to a network without a channel, a Browncoat finally win an Emmy, and a news show get Best Variety Series.
It'll also have this sign: No Clones Welcome....Yet.

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