Friday, July 19, 2013

Move Over, Kings and Cats--Here Comes The Republic

After doing well in Triple A baseball and successfully keeping its spot in the NBA, Sacramento is ready for another pro sport, and it's one that is very popular now. It's pro soccer.

There's been pro indoor soccer with the Knights, and a few years with the American Soccer League (proof coming later), but now the River City is joining USA PRO, more or less the American version of a "second division" below the top flight in pro soccer. A few MLS teams came up from there, including Portland and Vancouver. Maybe it will be Sacramento's turn in a few years.

The name was supposed to be revealed just before the friendly between Premier League side Norwich City and Ascenso MX (second division) side Dorados de Sineloa. However, the wind had other ideas:

Hmm...what is that on the scoreboard?

The wind will ruin the surprise!

Wait, don't look...oh, well...

However, the new logo and team got a more proper introduction, thanks to these fans:

NOW, we unveil our logo

The new coach, Preki (also former MLS player and coach), says he promises to run a soccer franchise the city can be proud to call its own. In fact, the program included a possible design for a downtown pitch, maybe next to the Kings' new digs.

Preki, future coach for Republic FC

It was a sea of soccer jerseys everywhere, including this group of Norwich fans...

Norwich fans meet

and the notorious vuvuzela returned...

Uh, oh, it's back

It wasn't long before city pride in the team, that hasn't been created yet, emerged...

Bow Before the Republic...Shirt

Not only that, the team has its own video...and team chant...

Oh, wait, there was a game that fits into Sacramento coming to pro soccer. This time, Norwich is preparing for its return to the English Premier League by taking on Dorados. Here's some of the action I got...

No need for Kings or Cats

Whoa, not so fast

Make it two for Norwich

And, as a bonus, this mean is wearing a piece of very distant por soccer history: from the American Soccer League's Sacramento Spirits...

Man with oldest Sacramento Soccer Shirt

It's interesting Sacramento won the ASL title with another team. Anyone know where that championship trophy is?

Anyway, the rest of my pictures from Sacramento Soccer Day are right here.

So, Sacramento is about to enter pro soccer, and maybe the first division someday. This type of football (rather than the Gold Miners and Mountain Lions) may have a better chance of staying put.

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