Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Of Weird Al and Twinkies

This used to be at Disney's California Adventure, but now it's in front of Cal Expo's Main Gate as it welcomes visitors to the State Fair.
About this time, I'd be getting ready for Comic-Con, listing all the panels I can't get to see because having a press pass doesn't give you an advantage. Sure, I'd wind up talking to some actors and not head for the panel because they fill up so fast. Still, I would have loved to get that swag, and maybe get lucky with an unexpected autograph or two.

That's why the fair would be my Comic-Con this year, and hope for better things next year. Besides, the fair had a dash of Comic-Con this year with a Hall of Heroes. Kids got to see very famous robots, like these guys...

Little Comic-Con

There was an Iron Man statue, and a replica Batmobile, and surprisingly half a TARDIS...

Hey, is that a whole TARDIS?

However, there was one sign that showed summer was officially here, more than corn dogs, ice cream or Chevrolet sunglasses:

Miss me?

This is before Twinkies would officially be back in stores. Somehow, this vendor got some. It's true because it has the new box:

We'reeeee Baaaaacccckk!

This will be a familiar sight at every other state fair this summer.

The main reason I wanted to go was Weird Al Yankovic. It had been a few years since he was last seen at the State Fair. This was basically a "Greatest Hits" concert. Last time, he added a couple of original songs about a Disneyland employee who used to have dreams a big movie career, and a really sleazy love song.
This time, very familiar sights, like these:

An oldie but a goodie

The traditional climax

and judging from this picture, he made the right choice:

Weird Al fans grooving

When he did Amish Paradise, people were waving their arms. More than 30 years mocking music, and he's got staying power Bieber could only dream of.

Of course, there is this new wrinkle, which either mocks NBC or Pacific Rim more than it does Lady Gaga:

No, Weird Al is not doing a tribute to Pacific Rim

Then,it all ended with the Weird Al seal of approval.....

Look for the Weird Al label

Until things moved towards the Happy Dark Side...with a Star Wars encore for the ages. Take that, Hall H!

My My This Here Aniken Guy

The accordion is strong with this one


The only thing missing was the swag. For me, that was Comic-Con 2013. I just hope Al has some new musical targets. He just can't let Rebecca Black is safe from his satiric ways. 30 Rock sure isn't.

One thing, though: he also showed his fake movie trailer called "Weird" with Olivia Wilde, Aaron Paul, and Patten Oswalt as Dr. Demento. It may have been a Funny of Die bit, but making it a real movie wouldn't be a bad idea. The more accurate account is kind of interesting, but they could do this one, and blow Walk Hard, the Dewey Cox Story away.

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