Monday, March 2, 2009

Wondercon report on my website

I have just submitted five stories to Whedonopolis, including a one-on-one talk with Ed Brubaker, and press conferences with Adam Baldwin, Summer Glau, Josh Freidman and Shirley Manson. Those stories, and pictures, are on my website. It's still under construction. I still have to add two more stories, but that should be done by Wednesday

This year's edition was much better for one reason: they used the Esplanade ballroom again as its Hall H. Putting the big events in the basement was a terrible idea, and using the Esplanade should be a given every year. I still say that one day, they will have to use the entire convention area for the event. It will get that big.

My only disappointment, as I had said before, was the guys at Watchmen who didn't want press to see the midnight screening. Hey, I just wanted to see how it would look. I still haven't read the whole thing. In any case, I will wait patiently for Dr. Manhattan, Silk Spectre, the Comedian and the rest to play on my local Imax theater. Thing is, I had heard it may not happen until the summer. Well, there's still the Imax at the CityWalk. Maybe I can go there.

That is in my future because I got tickets to the two events I wanted to see at the Paley Festival in April. I got tickets to Dollhouse, which I hope will still happen, on April 15th, and the Pushing Daisies screening on the 19th. So far,none of the panels have sold out except Swingtown, which closes the festival. However, the Pushing Daisies screening was sold out only because it's only slightly more expensive that going to the El Capitan and see 3-D Jonas Brothers. Or maybe, just maybe, people would be willing to pay 15 bucks to see something they are afraid will never air on TV. Bryan Fuller will be there to introduce the episodes, but maybe we can hope some cast members may drop by, then have a piece of pie to remember it by. Of course, this is bound to change very quickly, but at least I was this lucky.

Anyway, the website should have all the stories that I am blogging elsewhere. I am happy to get the Wondercon section updated after two years.

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