Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Prepping for Wondercon

Well, the next big convention is this weekend. For the first time in a very long time, I am actually a member of the press!

I will be doing at least one interview for Whedonopolis, the site for all things Whedon. This year's connection includes Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, with the dream matchup between Summer Glau and Shirley Manson. While seeing them have it out may or may not be part of the final episodes, seeing them speak about the show is just as cool. Take that, Big Bang Theory!
Felicia Day of The Guild, Dr. Horrible and even more will also be around Saturday for autograph signings, although I hope she'll take some time to talk to the site, and other sites, about how season 2 of The Guild turned out. Also, Sonny Rhodes, the guy who sings the theme from Firefly, will be around too. And....let's not forget another "Once More With Feeling" sing-a-long to end the weekend. I just wonder if Dr. Horrible will eventually take over this tradition. I hear someone is trying to produce a live version.

Saturday should be a busy day with the Watchmen and Star Trek panels. As the Kaiser Chiefs once foresaw a riot, I expect such an event, too. It could be twice the riot if a really important member of the Star Trek cast drops by....and maybe I mean one of the originals!

What disappoints me is Joss not dropping by to keep beating the drum for Dollhouse, joined by a crew of Gene Krupas and Dave Grohls from Eliza Dushku and Harry Lennix to Amy Acker and Reed Diamond...or maybe some guy that most wonder what he will have to do with the show. Think "floating in the breeze" or being nude in a recent British movie about death.
I was also hoping Nathan Fillion would be there for his Murder She Wrote/Moonlighting hybrid Castle, which will start soon. After all, if Harper's Island is part of the convention, why not Castle?

One of my personal goals is to somehow see a screening of Watchmen this weekend. However, just asking for a ticket won't be that easy. Just like they did for the screening of 300 in Imax, they'll have a big bag of tickets, 30,000 people will put their hands in a big sack, and hope for the best. The tickets with the special stamp, of course, means they don't have to wait a week to see the movie. The rest of us will, and maybe even longer to see it in Imax.
On the other hand, I will have a chance to see the first half of what could be best Animated Film for 2010, Disney/Pixar's Up. The big news is that this is Pixar's first 3-D movie, and if it's as cool as Imax 3-D, Dreamworks will have to wait another year for that Oscar. That is, unless Monsters vs. Aliens is just as cool in its 3-D glory, too. We'll find out.

Well, no matter what assignment I'll get, I will give it my all. I certainly do just that on my blogs, and website.

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