Saturday, June 13, 2009

Big Saturday Night Stars Awfully Small

This is how small: GSN calls me three times for a chance to get on the show as a contestant.
I miss all three times, but they did call me that often. I never get that lucky on the regular GSN Live show.

So, how was GSN's attempt to be as big on Saturdays as they are during weekdays?
Not good, actually. Getting Ross the ex-intern from Jay Leno and Keegan Michael Key from Mad TV aren't my choices as budding game show hosts. They have a good bench in Debra Skelton, Julie Brown and Fred Roggin. They have a couple of other people whose name I can't remember, but are entertaining. Use them!
Also, why do you need comedy sketches on a game show? They should tell Keegan this isn't Mad TV anymore.
Now, for the two game shows...

Someone told me that 20Q would have worked better if they condensed it to 30 minutes. This would be done easily if they chose three contestants, and one wins the chance to go against the computer for 10 grand. The computer should also sound more like a Transformer.
As for Money List, this was slow, but apparently they will pick up the pace in future shows.

One other complaint...the theme songs for both shows sound too much like the theme for Deal or No Deal. That also goes for Million Dollar Password. Compare that to the shows you see at GSN. The sets are basic, and the theme songs aren't loud enough to almost be part of an action movie soundtrack.

I know this is the first week, and GSN Live had its own period of adjustment before it clicked on all cylinders. I just think the BSN guys should start with the GSN Live pattern, then tweak it enough so the format can work on its own.

I also suggest that people have a chance to get prizes by just logging in, in case they can't get on the air. Or, more phone games, even for smaller prizes.

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