Monday, June 1, 2009

Some other interesting sights in Hollywood

Some will probably blame iTunes or Amazon, but this decision is a sign of the times...

A future hole on Hollywood Boulevard

It's the latest Virgin Megastore to close, this time at Hollywood and Highland. Others have closed around the country including Sacramento and San Francisco. I just wonder who will take over that spot after it closes. Maybe H&M will move across the street.
Still, it did attract a lot of people looking for bargains, even including the most recent CDs and DVDs. Getting the latest Green Day CD for 11 bucks is pretty good.

Then there's some crumbling infrastructure that should be fixed soon...

Boulevard of Broken Dreams

This may be a small part of the Walk of Fame, but Ruby Keeler should get more care. I found another broken star a few blocks away, but I thought this was more telling. I am sure they'll get this piece fixed soon, and any other parts of the Walk that need repair.

OK, now where is this?

Arty shot of subway roof

It's actually the roof of the Metro station at Hollywood and Vine. This is an arty, close-up shot.

And...some interesting ways to advertise:
Just call her Nurse Cable

She's plugging a new show on USA cable

Advertsing on four wheels

And this VW Beetle plugging a special brand of Iced Coffee.

and that's Hollywood!!

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