Saturday, June 6, 2009

MMA visits my neighborhood

It's not every day that a prelude to an important sporting event comes to my neighborhood.
The WEC, or World Extreme Cagefighting, decided to have its weigh-in ceremony for its big card Sunday at Acro featuring Urijah Faber and Lightweight champ Mike Brown. The two fighters, along with a few others had a weigh-in ceremony at the Sacramento Memorial Auditorium. I was curious about how these things work, and how well the city had renovated the place.

Here's a look at the stage...

full view of Sac Memorial

About a thousand people showed up, since it was free. They saw some matches from Versus' coverage of WEC, including the match where Brown defeated then-champ Faber. Naturally, the fans were pro-Faber.
Speaking of which, here he is, stripping for the weigh-in, and looking savage.

Savage CA Kid

And here is Brown, who has made quick work of his previous opponents...

Basic Brown

Now here's Faber and Brown, posing for what they'll do soon enough...

Just getting ready

However, if you have these two girls on a stage, who needs a fight?

Fight, what fight?

Supporters of Faber were also busy turning a dollar, selling a bunch of "Alpha Male/California Male" t-shirts outside the auditorium. While I am more of a pro wrestling fan, as long as it's from the '80s, I will see if Faber can get his belt back. After all, he's a local guy.

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