Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh, and there was this red carpet

There were two main reasons why I decided to go to L-A this past weekend. One was to hopefully find the red carpet to the MTV Movie Awards at the Citywalk. That didn't work out.

The other reason was the red carpet event for Land of the Lost, with Will Farrell. The tough part of celebrity-watching is that you're forced to do that from the other side of Hollywood Boulevard. Still I got some nice photos...

For the pre-Red Carpet snack

Seen from across the street

Not in Land of the Lost, but....

(She's not in the movie, but she was cute.)

Zachary Levi

Same here, but he's Zachary Levi, aka Chuck

Will Farrell, at the center

The star himself, Will Farrell.

I only wish I could have gotten some of the other co-stars. I hear Anna Friel looked more stunning than usual. I was ready to dedicate a pie to her, since she was in Pushing Daisies.

The best place for red carpet appearances is still Westwood, where the Bruin and Fox Westwood Village are located. I hope the next time I'm in L-A, I'll be seeing stars walking down the red carpet in Westwood.

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