Monday, June 1, 2009

Now they're casting audience members?

I went to the Universal Citywalk hoping to find the red carpet where the guests to the MTV Movie Awards would be seen just before the big event. I never found that carpet, because it was inside the Gibson Amphitheater. That meant you had to pay 155 bucks to see the show and the guests march and pose.

While I was disappointed, I was surprised to see this...

Now casting for the next 150 reality shows

At first, I thought it was a crowd of teenagers trying to find the hottest night club in town. Then, I found this sign...

No typical teenagers need apply

Now they're casting budding actors for award shows, as audience members...and getting paid.
So, so they add this to their resume, "Third row in stunning yellow mini at MTV Movie Awards"?
This is silly, They should add typical teens to the audience, too.
Like these guys...

Three people in search of a reality show

I remember MTV actually gave out comp tickets to the VMA's last year so they'd have crowds for the music events. I just hope talk shows don't decide that casting audience members looks better on TV than getting ordinary people. I am sure Bonnie Hunt or Conan won't try that. Could the Grammys do that, though? Let's hope not. Ordinary-looking people should have the right to bask in the light of big-time stars...from a reasonable distance. It was that way during game shows of the recent past. Just saying.

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