Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Space Classics: Can't Stop the Serenity in Sacramento

More of the best of my MySpace blog. Enjoy!

From June 2007:

So, it's Saturday night, and the current summer sequels aren't as hot as the latest heatwave. It's also midnight, and you don't want to see Saturday Night Live.

Well, a crowd of Whedon fans came over for a midnight showing of Serenity at the Century Stadium 14 in Sacramento to benefit Joss' favorite charity, Equality Now. It also happened to be his 43rd birthday, and thousands of his fans celebrated that milestone with other Serenity screenings around the world. It's the second year in a row we've had these screenings. Aside from the movie, they got a chance to win cool and unique prizes, and also buy t-shirts and other stuff. I did my part by tearing tickets and selling t-shirts. I was even a temporary poster stand, and bought some raffle tickets...and didn't win. Still it was worth it. It may not have been one of the biggest screenings, but it was an ethusiastic one.

It may have been nearly two years since Serenity first appeared, and Firefly nearly five years ago, but some fans won't forget. That's especially true of Jayne's unique woolen hat made by his mom. You can always spot a Jayne fan...

You know, after getting three slightly disappointing sequels last month, you may wonder if people would actively see out Serenity if it was out this year. Why? Because Serenity has a STORY that is more important than the CGI: a man regaining his belief while a psychic girl regainnig her true self. Match that up against pirates or some guy with s spider web. After all, even if Serenity wasn't a super-duper blockbuster, there's some reason why it's being re-released with more features and commentaries. That reason is....they're Big Damn Heroes, even before that unbreakable cheerleader, flying politician, mind-readnig cop or teleporting salaryman/future samurai (although they are popular, too, because they have real stories).

Many people wish the saga of the Serenity could continue on the big screen, but we may have to settle for the occasional comic book series. As I saw the movie for the eigth time, I looked at the case closely, and could just see this group can be big stars...if someone could give them more opportunities. It's happened already for many: Nathan's a doc treating a pie baking genius in Waitress, Alan's making a splash in the movies, Summer will be the next great Terminator, Adam's back on TV while Morena already is in a medcal drama, and Jewel is about to join the Stargate-verse. Gina was last seen in a Chris Rock movie, and with Lawrence Fishburne, while I hope we'll see Sean soon. I know Ron will be on a cruise in December..along with a LOT of Browncoats. Let's hope we can do it again next year.

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