Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Space Classics" Greetings from Cabo

More of the best of my MySpace blog, which still exists but is not easy to find. Enjoy!

From December 2007, when I was at the Browncoat cruise. I typed this at an internet cafe in Mexico, and it was my first big scoop--that no one noticed.

Well, day 3 of my voyage, and it's been great!
The guests of the Browncoat Cruise have been very entertaining, especially Michael Fairman and Nectar Rose, who are pretty nifty dancers.
AND.....Ron Glass has revealed Dark Horse will soon produce a Serenity comic book that reveals Shepherd Book's back pages, if you get my drift. It's called "The Shepherd's Tale." As you recall, Morena Baccarin has given a possible hint on Book's past, supposedly as a "dirty cop", at a previous con. We'll see if that's true. Joss will co-write the issue. (Note: Joss did co-write the story with Zach Whedon)

Life on the Elation has been pretty good. They keep us pretty busy here. It was a treat to see Cabo on the beach and in the water. I took an alternate rote to the Beach, which was busy with sun-tanned tourists and a lot of people selling trinkets and boat rides. It's capitalism at its finest.

Cable TV is surprisingly plentiful, except you see prime-time TV two hours ahead of time, during dinner and the nightly events. I'm sure someone has figured out that he'll have to choose between the "Heroes" finale and the Bedlam Bards or similar events. My DVR has already taken care of that. I'd rather see the final four of that show, as it will hopefully lead to something so amazing, we'll curse the producers who won't swallow their pride and fork over the royalties. We get two CNN channels, two kids channels which are in English but have Spanish ads, TNT (same thing), and even some movie channels.
My digital camera will be filled to the brim with cruise ship memories, so get ready.
Oh, and Jeremy, one of the organizers for the cruise, did something interesting. Ron wanted to ask him a question. Jeremy said, "Yes, Grampa?" Well, Ron pointed out he's never married, and asked Jeremy if he's ever gotten married. Jeremy said no, but soon fixed proposing to his girlfriend. It was the Flanvention all over again, and just as cool.
Johnathan Woodward, meanwhile, has become the Bill Murray of the group. He is REALLY out there, and is another guy who should be on TV more often...along with Ellen Muth and anybody from Wonderfalls. Get the message, Mr. Fuller?
Anyway, that's the latest. Another update on Wednesday, and the illustrated version on my website by Sunday. Adios!!

Note: My personal website has a section on the cruise, of course. There's also an album of the cruise on my Flickr page

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