Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Space Classics: The Day I Held An Oscar

This is from my old MySpace blog, which is on life support thanks to continuous Twitter and Facebook updates. Enjoy!

From February 2008:

I would like to thank the Academy for this limited chance to do this, along with thousands more who happened to visit Hollywood and Highland during February.
Whoever came up with this idea should get an honorary Oscar. Hopefully, they'll do this again. It's different from previous displays, where they show you how they make the awards. Maybe they can do the same for a Grammy when that museum is done at L-A Live, and an Emmy, too.
They've been busy getting the Kodak Theater, and here's some of the activity...

As you can see, they don't want Oscar to be wet.

...and to remind people what's coming.
Now, they had a display of lots of Oscars, and a chance for people to experience being on the Red Carpet....

They also had pictures of the nominees, plus posters from the Best Picture and Best Foreign Language Film choices. If they ever make that Hollywood Museum, this should be part of the complex. One thing you'll never see is an Oscar on mass-produced clothes. They really protect the image to emphasize how special it is, as if we didn't know. I'm lucky to get the three programs from past Oscar Night America parties and the two hats. It's too bad I had to choose Wondercon this year over this year's ONA party in Sacramento. I just hope the Wondercon guys make sure its show and the Oscars don't clash again. It's just not fair!

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