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My Space Classics: Recalling the Browncoats Backup Bash

Somewhere in the Internet, I had a blog in MySpace. It's still barely active, thanks to my tweets and Facebook posts. It's about time I featured the best of that old blog, including some pre-Whedonopolis stuff. Enjoy!

From December 2006:

OK, this is a little late, but it turned out to be a pretty good weekend for Browncoats.
The Browncoats Backup Bash wound up Sunday. A lot of people left quite satisfied, even though their wallets may be a little lighter. They had a great time enjoying their favorite show, and seeing some of their favorite stars up close and personal. The organizers from the California Browncoats community really came though, and I wish to thank them all. I was determined to have a great vacation with the Flan That Never Was, and I will admit I should have stayed a little closer to the hotel last Friday. That way, I would have seen Nathan and Alan. Sure, I got a free Mary J. Blige CD by going to Jimmy Kimmel's show, but still.....

I did see Nathan briefly at the party at a Mexican restaurant at Hollywood and Whitley that wasn't even open yet. I will say...lots of people and booze, not much room. I still shook Richard "Niska" Fairman's hand and saw Morena and Christina Hendricks. Never got a chance to talk to them, but it was wall to wall people. Couldn't be helped. I will say this...if the Museum of Radio and TV board does the right thing and sets aside a panel on Buffy's 10th anniversary next March, I will be there, and I'll drop by that restaurant when there's more room to eat. I heard one of the owners is the Glorious One, Claire Kramer. That's reason enough.
So, where did the good stuff take place? An entertainment center known as the Pickwick in Burbank. If you want to bowl, skate or have a wedding reception, or even get some fresh air, that's the best place to go. We had special appearances by Greg Edmonson, the Bedlam Bards (a real hit in and out of the hotel), Tim Minear (giving us seven minutes of "Drive" which will probably be quite different by the time it hits the screens in March), Camden Toy (a real Gentleman) and Johnathan Woodward, who was a BIG hit, especially with the Bards. Let's just say they did things that are immortalized by the digital camera. I will only present publicly the more dignified moments, except when he held up a pair of briefs with Nathan's picture on the front....and that's the beginning.
He also advised the Browncoats not to be too angry at Booster Events. He sympathized with a lot of the problems they had to face. He also said the group will be facing problems for the next seven years, which probably means they are close to bankrupcy. That's still hard to believe, considering the event was sold out. I just hope some of my cash will be re-imbursed somehow. It's a cinch we can kiss Booster Bash 2 goodbye.

At the hotel, fun was still to be had. Adam Baldwin was there Thursday, when the fate of the event was in serious doubt. Friday had Nathan and Alan (who was supposed to be in a film shoot), Christina Hendricks, Mark A. Sheppard (Badger, and now part of Battlestar Galactica), and Woodward. Jewel never got her ticket, but sent her apologies that she couldn't make it.
Next year, Flan 3 could likely be a cruise. I may not be there, but I'll be there in spirit.

My only regret, aside from missing Nathan and Alan...not having enough time to visit either of the big theaters (Grauman's Chinese and the Arclight Dome), only because I spent much of my time in Burbank. Well, if the Paley Festival has the right lineup of shows, and yeah that will include Heroes because of Ali Larter and Masi Oka, I'll be back...and stay at the Motel 6 at Whitley and Hollywood Boulevard. In the meantime, I'll check out the other Best Picture nominees chosen by the Golden Globes..once they open (I'm looking at you, Dreamgirls because everyone should if Beyonce's there). Too bad Volver isn't coming until January in Sacramento, but I can see it thanks to my ticket book. The other event...what's left at Tower Records as the Going Out of Business sale winds down.

Note: I have two Flickr albums on the BBB. This is part one, and this is part two

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