Sunday, December 2, 2012

Is This A Valuable NHL Artifact?

I looked at recent stories about people buying valuable art at Goodwill stores. The most recent example was someone who bought a picture called "Red Nose" at a Goodwill store in Milwaukee for 12 bucks. The buyer thought it was an abstract salute to Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. It was actually an Alexander Calder lithograph worth 9000 dollars. Normally, Goodwill staff members try to spot art treasures that get donated, and sell them for their special programs. But sometimes....

This got me much is this worth?

This is a picture of an NHL matchup between the Colorado Rockies (now the New Jersey Devils) vs. the Philadelphia Flyers at the old McNichols Arena in Denver from January 1981. So?

Notice what's on the lower right side of the picture...

That's right: Don Cherry, who was coach of the Rockies back then after being fired from Boston. There's even a picture of Cherry with his faithful dog, Blue.

According to the label on the back, Colorado won 8-6.
Anyway, I tried to sell this to a collector, but he didn't take it. So, I'm making this blog to see if anyone is interested in this. In any case, at least I want to shoe that it exists, All I know if that the photo was taken by Dan Griest, who apparently won some photo awards.

I got this at a Salvation Army store six years ago for 22 bucks. The picture has never been taken from its frame, so this is not a fake.

So, any takers?

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Anonymous said...

not sure if you still have this, but im interested in it! kick me a email