Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I'm Gonna Pop Some Tags, Only Got $20 In My Pocket

If you listen to the radio, the title of this blog may be familiar, and you may know the next two lines. This is how, when I visit L-A, I'm a hunter, looking for a come-up, and eventually find something f-ing awesome.

I always go to Goodwill shops and In The Closet stores, looking for bargains that are mainly eBay bait. Sometimes I keep an item or two that can be a collectible.
Last weekend was a bit different. There was a prop sale at a warehouse a half mile from Burbank Airport. It was mainly a garage sale for One Life To Live. It was wall-to-wall stuff used for the show at one time or another. There was other stuff, too...

A piece of hidden TV history, part 2

This is the back of a cast member's chair for a pilot called The Guilded Lilys. It was ABC's attempt to copy Downton Abbey. It didn't work out, which is a shame. It would have meant bringing John Barrowman to TV. Arrow wound up doing that, but still...
If I knew the name of his character, I would have picked it up, but I got this instead..

Piece of a forgotten TV show

I thought this was Sarah Bolger's role. She was, of course, Princess Mary in The Tudors. Still, a nice piece of TV history that never was. I hear the prime stuff arrives in the summer. If I get lucky, I might try that again. There was also swag from Samantha Who, plus furniture, fake diplomas from OLTL characters, and even an ABC studio spotlight. Naturally, I couldn't get that because it would be too heavy to carry to my flight.

There's also a shop at the Farmer's Market near Television City called the Shine Gallery. This is one incredible vintage shop. There's very expensive stuff, of course, including old Disneyland stuff and Phillips 66 and Coca Cola uniforms. However, you can also get souvenirs of Apollo 11, political conventions from 1960, and the Rose Bowl for very affordable prices. In fact, you order this stuff online. This is what I got:

America, Made In Japan

This was back in the days when we'd get a lot of stuff made in Japan. We still do, but it usually involves driving it or getting anime on DVD.

A piece of NFL history

...and this was a piece of NFL history, a 1957 playoff game that ruined the 49ers for decades

The biggest find, though, was at the Goodwill on Vine Street:

Homer Simpson Doll

A Homer Simpson doll. Big deal, right? Look at the back...

A very rare bargain

Not bad, eh? Four bucks, baby! That is Phil Ortiz with Maggie's head, and Bill Morrison, co-creator of Bongo Comics and illustrator for The Simpsons. Both signatures on Homer's head. May not be worth hundreds, but it's cool.

Who knows what I'll find next time?

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