Saturday, February 23, 2013

Oscar Weekend, Part One

After five years, I get another chance

This was even better than when I got to hold an Oscar five years ago at Hollywood and Highland. The fact I have an Oscar in a tux next to me makes it better.

But this version is even better...

Best Actor of 2033

Cute, isn't it.

This will be my last big trip for a while, unless my prospects change for the better and a lot. For now, I will have the time of my life being part of the Academy Awards and Hollywood in general.
I started my trip by getting a new webcam that has software that is somewhat up to date. I also managed to pick up some props from the old version of One Life To Live because there was a prop sale near the airport. It's not every day that you stumble into a garage sale filled with stuff that may have been on TV. I also picked up something quite unusual, but I'll have more on that in a couple of days. I could have bought more, but they only accept cash. Besides, what will I do with Photoshopped pictures of some of the characters, and their fake college degrees? I'm more into wearable swag.

Anyway, some of the other pictures I took...

Jimmy Kimmel's Real Dream

This is what Jimmy really wants....

Even Icons Need Some Protection

An Oscar being protected from the sun, and upcoming cold. He'll be ready for his close-up.

Where I Wish I Was

Where I wish I was this weekend. Next best thing: being at a live airing of Good Morning America at 4 AM Monday. I hope they provide Oscar coffee at least.

Hollywood and Highland

Now that's what I call an Oscar slogan

And that's just the beginning...

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