Monday, February 4, 2013

The Least Significant Post-Super Bowl Ad Review Blog Today

As I listen to ESPN analyze for the 34,981st time why pass interference should or should not have been called when the 49ers tried to score late in Super Bowl XLVII, I spent much of today looking through several different websites grade the commercials.

There is some disagreement about how good the ads were for the Oreos in the Library ad, the Dodge Ram ad with Paul Harvey, Dwayne Johnson's milk ad that was as action-packed but with a better plot than Fast and Furious 6, or even the Audi ad where a guy goes to the prom alone, kisses the Prom King's date, and gets what he thinks is the coolest black eye ever.

However, there are two things people agree with:

the best ad was the Budweiser Clydesdale "Brotherhood" ad, where a man and his horse are reunited.

Dead last was the Go Daddy ad, where Bar Refaeli shares the most disgusting kiss ever with a geek named Walter, who I am convinced is Sheldon from SNL's "Wake Up Wakefield" sketches.

Sheesh! And the Parents Television Council wanted CBS burned to the ground because Joe Flacco said the f-word after winning the game..and after lots of people pointed that out in social media?

The PTC should complain about whether Go Daddy is more obscene with less skin and more creepy kissing.

Just looking at the kiss, I'm starting to figure out Walter may also be related to the "Pat" character from SNL, too. Bar, meanwhile, has a look on her face that suggests "The paycheck they're giving me will never cover what I just did. Now, get me to a swimming pool filled with Listerine!"

OK, done here?

That being said, I'm glad there was a lot of praise for the Tide ad featuring the Miracle Montana Stain and inadvertent prediction that Baltimore would win. As for the movie ads, I liked Iron Man 3 the best, but I hope someone airs that "extended preview" on ESPN or even the Oscars. It may be 30 seconds of Robert Downey Jr. taking off his sunglasses dramatically followed by a 60 second trailer, but it's still 90 seconds that will convince you to set aside 20 bucks for the movie (including popcorn, if necessary).

Let's not forget Jello, who decided to reward San Francisco with free pudding Tuesday. Now that's a good idea, considering how close the game was.

So, anyone excited for the new commercials that will air during the Grammys...or Oscars?

Well, maybe THOSE big-shot events can work on that, too

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