Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Greatest Kickstarter Campaign Ever, or How to Avenge a Youthful Mistake

Rifftrax promised a big announcement recently about its next live show, and it wasn't kidding.

It wants to spin, fold and mutilate, or in lay men's terms goof on, the original Twilight movie.

Just sending mp3's to people who want to see the classic vampire love movie with appropriate commentary just isn't enough anymore.
Nope. Michael J. Nelson, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy all had a dream. They wanted to honor Twilight in the worst way, but then that would involve giving it some reward, and we can't have that.
So, they had a better idea: declare the movie as the Worst Movie Of All Time, according to an internet poll of the most superior experts of such a thing. Sure, they were mainly Rifftrax customers, but that proves they have taste. Add hard-core fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Vampire Diaries, and the case is made right there.

Next, Rifftrax decided to roll the dice and raise money for the rights to riff on Twilight, and broadcast it to willing fans in theaters across the nation. Heck, have this on PPV, and you may be more popular than last week's UFC card.

Now, there are some people who are certain Lionsgate would never let three self-appointed movie critics who base their expertise on being trapped in space while being attacked by Coleman Francis, Ed Wood and whoever thought Hobgoblins was a good idea, riff on Twilight live in theatres. Sure, Fathom Events show classic movies or TV shows, but add featurettes and deleted scenes and stuff like that. It's to commemorate these classic films. It makes no sense to present a classic movie, and heckle it from start to finish.
On the other hand, Lionsgate and Summit Entertainment have both generated billions from this franchise. Maybe it's about time they suffer the consequences. Besides, it's not as if any other movie franchise is upset Rifftrax targets them every time.

So, the Rifftrax boys are giving it a try. In an interesting move, they started a Kickstarter campaign to ask people if they'd help raise 50 thousand bucks to get the rights to show Twilight, and present the money in a big and massive novelty check. That started on February 25th. About 26 hours later, they've raised 145 thousand dollars, and will likely get more. That's a lot of people who want to avenge their youthful mistake that Twilight would be as good as they had hoped, then it turned out it never will be. Heck, with Buffy, True Blood and Vampire Diaries, that ain't happening.

So, if the final tally on March 27 is big, like around 250 thousand dollars, Lionsgate should prove it's got nerve and let Rifftrax mock Twilight this coming August. If the studio demands a "rebuttal", they could ask Taylor Lautner to be part of it. I doubt Kristen Stewart could do much, unless she's been holding back a lot of riffs over the years. If the next live show's target isn't Twilight, it could be a "classic" like Troll II, The Room, or (and this may be a dream) Son of the Mask.

So, click here if you want to contribute to the "Rifftrax wants to riff Twilight in theaters nationwide" campaign today. If Lionsgate does approve this, it will be certain doom....for Transformers, Avatar, the Star Wars prequels, etc. Wouldn't that be cool.

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