Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Buffy Season 8...the animated web series?

A couple of months ago at Comic-Con, DC Comics announced something called "Motion Comics", where familiar characters like Batman and Superman "come to life" through limited animation. A well-known example is the first chapter of Watchmen, which was given out for free on iTunes for a while before they put a price tag of $1.99. People are waiting for chapter two. A Batman story is available on Verizon cell phones.

Well, I found out about this on Whedonesque....someone has been re-creating all the Dark Horse issues of Buffy Season 8 as motion comics. It's more like Sims, but it's an impressive attempt to spread the word about the series. If nothing else, it shows that maybe Dark Horse should get into the "Motion Comics" business, and Marvel, too, for that matter.

The person behind Buffy Motion Comics is someone called smartjoe299. This person has also animated the Angel: After the Fall series, too. I'll say one thing....at least these two series are advancing quicker than Watchmen...or the availability of other Motion Comics.

I would like to know how quickly it makes to convert an issue into about nine minutes of animation. Once again, the Buffy nation commands technology to spread the Slayer's legend a whole lot quicker than Fox TV. It makes you wonder if people will convert fan fiction into animation, too. If the tools and patience are there, it may not be too long before Serenity: Better Days gets the smartjoe299 treatment.

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