Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Afternoon With Bonnie

I think I have a new favorite talk show host..and it's someone who once had a fake talk show as part of a sitcom.

In another universe, it could have been Martin Mull. Could you imagine if he was a talk show host for real after Fernwood Tonight? But in this one, it's Bonnie Hunt, who's taken her experience as a guest and created her own way to meet with big celebs and very interesting people. I was at the 9/17 taping, which featured Teri Garr and Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer who also played a role in this week's Bones. She had a lot of respect for her guests, especially in her interview with Garr. I didn't know she had recent health problems, but Garr was great as someone who was really surprised people remember and like her work. Bonnie was also a big hit with those dogs, too. She wound up using one of them when she taped promos for next week. Also, she had Lolo Jones, the Olympic hurdler who failed to medal because she clipped a hurdle in her event. While other shows try to get medalists, Michael Phelps and Nastia Liukin especially, Bonnie wanted Jones just for her story of overcoming poverty and making the Olympic team because that achivement alone makes Jones a chmpion. The medal will come, as Jones has promised, in 2012. That's a nice touch. I do recall Bonnie had some members of the U-S volleyball team, too.

One other reason I can recommend going to see Bonnie Hunt...they actually served hot dogs and root beer to the audience. I know it's part of her "New Fan Appreciation Days" event, and I'm all for it. I hope this continues. You also know that Bonnie's a Cubbie For Life. Her staff is dressed in Cubs clothing. I wonder if it switches to Bulls, Bears and Black Hawks later in the year. I can only wonder how Bonnie will cope as we get closer to the World Series, and so do the Cubs.

I only regret I can't make it for today's taping because Alyson Hannigan's there. Still, going to Ellen today should be interesting. I think she's the first talker in years to tape at a movie studio, and Dolly Parton's going to be there, too. I also think it's because she had to move out of the KNBC complex since everyone else will when NBC builds its new complex near the Universal Studios Red Line stop. I also hope to do a little swag hunting at the usual spots. It should be some week leading up to the Emmys.

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Ronda's Rants said...

We missed you by a day...Hubby and I were there on the 18th for two tapeings!! We had a great time...she was very entertaining as always.