Monday, September 1, 2008

How to be Dr. Horrible's Henchman

From MySpace...

During the end of day 2 of Comic-Con this year, hundreds of people filled Room 6A to see Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog on the big screen. It's an honor that falls on very few internet shows. Naturally, it was a big hit, and I noticed people trying to come up with their own ways of audience participation. Some spoke key lines in the movie while they're being said, but most just sang along with the music.

There was also a bit of audience participation at the "Once More With Feeling" showing, including fake Sunnydale police traffic tickets. So, how can you add audiecne participation to a showing of Dr. Horrible?

I have some ideas...


When it opens with the Doc's evil laugh, you laugh, too.
When he mentions the letter of condemnation from the Deputy Mayor, hold up a piece of paper that could be the letter.
During the Freeze-Ray song, wave a small box of detergent like they sell at the laundromat.
When you see the cowboys sing the Bad Horse song, wear a Western hat and wave it around.
Wave a toy hammer when Captain Hammer shows up, and yell out "Balls" at the end of that act.


I was thinking that when we first see the doc in disbelief that Penny is seeing Captain Hammer, you say or sing "Is she really going out with him?"
Yell out with him "I have a Ph. D in Horribleness."
When he says it again, say with Moist, "Is that the new catchphrase?"
When the doc says, "Oh, look at my wrist", you do the same.
When the doc becomes big at the end of the act, stomp around like Godzilla


Chuckle along with the female anchor when she says "It's a good day to be homeless"
When one of the Hammer fans holds up his picture, you do the same. Repeat when the fan holds up his hair and his dry cleaning bill.
When Captain Hammer signs "Your real home is in your chest", sawy "Awww.."
When they get to the last stanza of his song, start waving your arms
When the doc has his evil laugh after he blasts Captain Hammer with the freeze ray, laugh with him.
When the doc is hit by a defrosted Captain Hammer, say "Owww."
After Hammer gets slightly injured after the death ray blows up, call him a crybaby.
Gasp loudly when you see Penny injured.
During the doc's closing song, sing the refrain "everything you wanted"
When the groupie holds up the doc's photo, do the same.
When Dr. Horrible enters the meeting room of the Evil League of Evil, do your best Bad Horse Death Whinnie.

Now, these are just prelminary ideas. I'd like to hear from others on what props they'd use in a Dr. Horrible sing-along.

Then again, Nathan had his own ideas when he was part of a sing-a-long at DragonCon recently . Check out this YouTube link.

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