Sunday, September 7, 2008

Pushing Daisies, The Tour: the facts are these...

For those of you who just stumbled into this blog....welcome!

It's been about nine months since a former synchonized swimmer told a pie shop waitress that a woman who was dead, but is now all better thanks to her magic boyfriend, is not her niece...but her daughter!!
Nope, it's not All My Children, but Pushing Daisies, a magical comedy that up for a lot of Emmys, but not including Best Comedy for some reason. To get people talking abut the second season in October, and the DVD release of season one coming in a few days, ABC decided to make their own Mobile Pie Hole, and give out pie, pie servers and good wishes. After starting at Downtown Disney on August 31, and accidentally competing with a marathon, it went to the Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival in San Francisco. You see some of the images I took from there.

While Olive Snook or even Ned are nowhere in sight, they did have some nice Mobile Pie Hole workers giving ouy free pie servers, spatulas, and even some pie. However, they ran out very quickly, despite strong competition from the Chocolate Festival. They also gave away some DVD sets for people who answered trivia questions. While I didn't get any pie. I did get a pie box. I'll just pretend it's a pie inside, especially one with a few drops of Alfredo's "Stop hiding and start living, Aunts Lily and Vivian, because I Love You!" Elixir inside. You can guess who adds that stuff.
It's just too bad they couldn't find a site where people could see the Mobile Pie Hole, more pies, and the TV screen with scenes from the show. It was all stuck into one small corner on Beach Avenue.

I don't know how it worked at Downtown Disney, but I'm sure as the tour continues this month, they'll find some wide-open spaces to give the pies and the Mobile Pie Hole room to breathe. I can guess when they reach Times Square in New York on the 30th, it will be during Good Morning America. That's when the Mobile Pie Hole will really get its due, while people on their way to work will get a sweet morning snack. Maybe by then, the Mobile Pie Hole will be decorated with an Emmy or two.

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