Saturday, September 13, 2008

Emmy week is here!

Last year, I was in Los Angeles, hoping to get close to the Emmys. That could mean taking a picture of the Shrine Auditorium, getting a peak of the Red carpet, or even taking a picture of one of the grandstands from E! or The Insider. I won't say how close I wound up becoming, but it was a nice view.

I didn't even think about going back this year until I found out the 60th Emmys would be held at the Nokia Theater, located across from Staples Center. So, I am hoping to get close to the Emmys again. Getting inside the Nokia is fairly unlikely, but they'll be plenty of banners and bleachers outside. The Nokia seems to be the new Awards venue in L-A, except for the Oscars because the Kodak Theater was made for that show.

Aside from waiting for Emmy Sunday, and whether a Buffy alumnus will finally bring home the gold, I do have the usual tickets to the local talk shows. I have a ticket to Kimmel, along with one for Ellen DeGeneres. Her show should be interesting because she's now at the Warner Brothers lot. I'll see if it's bigger or whether a tour bus comes in before she's taping. At the last second, I also decided to get a ticket to Bonnie Hunt. That one could be tricky because it's in Culver City instead of Burbank. If the hotel where I am staying is sympathetic, I will be able to get there by the deadline. I'll have one free day for swag hunting.

After this, I may have to cut back on trips to Southern California. Naturally, it's due to high gas prices affecting ticket prices, and also hotel prices as well. I'm actually staying near Echo Park, but the place looks nice. I may even be wild enough to actually walk from my hotel to Dodger Stadium. It's not that far, and the Giants are playing that weekend, but I may have to carry a cross blessed by a pastor who knew Willie Mays. If I'm dumb enough, I just may go.

But overall, I may cut down to just twice a year....the Paley Festival, if there's a show I'd like to know more about, and Comic-Con, which is actually a working holiday now. I already have the ticket and the hotel room. All that's left is the plane ticket.

So, here's to a fun time....and big success for Mad Men, Pushing Daisies, and Danny Strong.

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