Monday, September 1, 2008

Welcome to my second home

I've been noticing that a lot of people are not just in MySpace. They also have accounts in several other social sites, like Twitter, digg, and Facebook. They want to make sure they're communicating to as many people as possible.

I'm just in MySpace and Facebook only because my skill is typing up stories that could have made it to radio broadcasts or newspapers, but never get the chance. I'm just a guy who pushes the buttons at a four-station radio cluster in Sacramento who can write a story at a moment's notice if something big happens overnight. This is why I like blogs. Would the Sacramento Bee care what I think of the latest TV show, or how I got to shake Joss Whedon's hand after seeing the premiere of Serenity? Would my radio station broadcast my interview with an actor who's famous for being a mascot for McDonald's...and later one of Hellboy's friends? I doubt it.

I also like to get a little more attention on the internet. Who wouldn't...under legal means, of course? So, I am adding a second blog to my secret network. I'm pretty much abandoning the Yahoo blog because it hasn't caught on as well as this one or MySpace. I'll keep it open because I have some good reports on the Backup Browncoat Bash from a long time ago.

This is basically an introduction to other Blogger members out there. In the next few days, I'll "repeat" some of my MySpace and Yahoo blogs to give you an idea of what I have done, and who I am. Afterwards, I'll publish here and at MySpace.

I can reveal this, though.....I'll have a review of the season opener to Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles just after it ends next Monday. I can do this because Fox sent a bunch of screeners to TV writers to plug the show, and I got one of them. They're just asked to not reveal the big plot points until the show airs. I saw the DVD last week, and I'm following that request. Trust me. It will make seeing next week's opener that much better.

Anyway, welcome to my other blog.

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