Monday, January 26, 2009

The backlash has started

I found this at the J!nx website.

You'd think they'd have these shirts ready for Christmas, but I am guessing those who like the Twilight books, if not the movie, would be upset if they saw this shirt.
Well, tough luck. I just wonder if anyone would make a similar shirt for Let the Right One In.
While I am on the horn here, I may have to change my prediction on who will get the Oscar for Best Actor. Kate Winslet is still my choice for the Best Actress bid, as she gathers more praise for The Reader. After Sean Penn won the SAG award for Milk, I may have to change my vote to him over Frank Langella. I had thought of Langella for Frost/Nixon because the Academy Awards rarely gives awards to actors more than once. They sometimes give their praise to someone new. With Penn's win Sunday, I think he has the momentum to get another Oscar.
I am also certain, as Sister Aloysius is, that the Oscar voters will snub Mickey Rourke out of the Kodak Theater. It's not because The Wrestler is a bloody film, which would upset squeamish voters. It's also not because the Academy isn't a fan of Bruce Springsteen--but should have been. It's because Rourke may be part of Wrestlemania XXV in a few weeks. Vince McMahon reportedly saw the movie and hated it. One Golden Globe later, Vince decides to put Rourke in a storyline with Chris Jericho. Rourke will be lucky to get a hundred votes after that bit of news.
I don't recall Verne Gagne plugging his appearance in the 1974 version of The Wrestler during AWA All-Star Wrestling. That's because he didn't have to, but this is 2009...and synergy is all, even when it's not supposed to exist. You think Vince would make The Wrestler, and have it made the way Darren Aronofsky did? Of course not. We already know that with No Holds Barred 20 years ago.
So, forget about Mickey Rourke getting the Oscar this year. His comeback will be praised, but anyone who'd be in the same county as uncouth Vince McMahon won't be considered even slightly worthy of an Oscar. At least, that's how the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will see it. Too bad. Mickey should have waited until SummerSlam.

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