Friday, January 2, 2009

Shedding the old New Year

It's now the day after New Year's, but still a holiday for some.
When I was walking to downtown Sacramento yesterday, I noticed some of the scattered leftovers from the New Year's Eve celebration the night before. I saw some crushed noisemakers, and a new New Year's hats that couldn't fit me. I went to a calendar store to pick up a couple for eBay bait. They're from Buffy and Lost, two classic shows.

I also went to Macy's to see if any New Year's bargains were to be had. As I looked around, there wasn't a trace of Xmas left, except for one table. It has a pile of holiday chocolates, all half-price but still a bit over-priced. Of course, that's because this was Godiva chocolates, not Hershey's. Still, there would be better bargains at Long's Drugs and Starbucks.

I also got a reminder that American business doesn't let grass grow too long under its feet. At Macy's, right next to the pile of Christmas chocolates, there was a table of Valentine's chocolates. I'm sure when Rite-Aid is open today, they'll be lots of Valentine's Day cards available, too.

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