Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Riffmax Experience, and looking at Eli again

In about 350 screens, including Imax theaters, people are getting another chance to see the movie who has made the most money without getting respect from the Oscars. I mean, nearly a billion dollars, and you don't get even a Best Picture nomination?

Well, that's what Oscar thinks about comic book movies, even if they're just as good as Benjamin Button, Frost/Nixon or Slumdog Millionaire. Spider-Man 2 learned that the hard way, too.

However, it gives Rifftrax fans a very rare opportunity. For the first time ever, they can sneak their iPod into the theater, and listen to the Rifftrax crew's opinions about the movie they're watching. Not just any theater, but an Imax theater. They didn't get the chance with Eagle Eye, Transformers or any Harry Potter movie. They got the chance for the return of Batman: The Dark Knight. They got the chance to experience...


The best part, of course, is that only the viewer hears the jokes through his iPod. That's why it is best to see the movie on DVD at home with the Rifftrax commentary before going to see it at a local theater, Imax or not. If people see you laughing at the wrong time, the usher or the guy next to you may get upset...or even want to hear the commentary, too. Of course, this may lead to a trend, where people bring their iPods to hear the Rifftrax remarks of whatever bad movie they paid to see.

OK, so how is The Dark Knight in Riffmax?
Well, Christopher Nolan was smart to enhance the movie with Imax sequences. Bigger is better with the car chases or incredible scenes from above. He gets praise for that, but God forbid the Academy would actually say comic book movies are written or directed well. I mean, what's next....Iron Man 2 wins Best Picture or...even....(gasp!) Watchmen????

OK, not too likely, but let's hope somebody does succeed on that.
Also, you may want to turn up the volume on your iPod because those Imax speakers are loud as the picture is big.
Overall, the Riffmax experience is like a normal Rifftrax experience, but much bigger. You'll still have to work a little to make sure the Rifftrax commentary links up to the movie. Itt's not as if you can stop the DVD to back up if you hear a good riff again. Otherwise, it's an interesting experiment. If there's another opportunity to Riffmax a movie, go for it. It is too bad they won't show Beowulf in 3-D again. Imagine seeing that and with the Rifftrax remarks.

One more thing...

I was thinking a little more about Let The Right One In, with a Swedish boy falling for the vampire next door. I learned more about how it compares to the book, especially about Eli (pronounced el-ee).
Now, I suggest you see the movie first, but a couple of times in the movie, Eli says "I'm not a girl". Now that could be true if it's "I'm not a girl. I'm a vampire" or another reason which would make it a very different vampire tale. The book reveals the truth about Eli.
Now, once they get the planned U-S remake, which may be called Let Me In, ready to go next year, I think it will be certain the American Eli is a girl, although androgynous to give respect to the book on which the original and remake are both based.

You'll also get into an interesting debate on the final fates of Oskar and Eli, and what it really means. You just have to see Let the Right One In for yourself, and do it before they disguise it as the Twilight story Stephenie Meyer didn't write.

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