Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oscars > Slammys

Defamer just revealed that Mickey Rourke won't be challenging Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania XXV after all. I am guessing Chris will call Mickey a coward from now until SummerSlam, and will suggest that Hulk Hogan's movie No Holds Barred is the greatest wrestling movie ever.

This won't matter, because I still say Rourke will not win Best Actor because the Oscar voters won't give The Wrestler the time of day. Sure, Rourke does a great job as an aging wrestler trying to get one last piece of glory, and the love of his daughter. However, the movie has too much blood to sit through. The most telling sign, I say, is snubbing Bruce Springsteen for Best Song, only because it didn't earn enough in the Academy's version of Rate-A-Record.

It looks like Sean Penn may win for Milk because it's a safer and more honorable choice. It's more than the quality of an actor's role when trying to get an Academy Award. It's politics, bias, or sentimentality. Penn's performance is worthy of an Oscar, but I hope Oscar voters at least give Rourke more respect for what he did. At least he decided now is not the time for Wrestlemania, and that should get him more support...except from Chris Jericho.

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