Thursday, January 8, 2009

Joss Whedon's Secret Award....Revealed!!

Remember way back in September, when ABC had a poll of what was the most dramatic and funniest moments on TV in 60 years, and the winners would be recognized at the Emmys? Well, the results came in, and they were never revealed on the air. They were too busy convincing themselves that six reality show hosts being the perfect group to host the Emmys was a good idea. The winner for most dramatic moment, as many of us know, was Buffy sacrificing her life to save Dawn at the end of season five. The producers decided not to tell the viewers, maybe because they figured no one would know who Buffy was. feh.

Well, the People's Choice Awards recreated that piece of bait and switch Wednesday night. They pulled out all the stops to announce the winners, from Batman: The Dark Knight for five awards to any CBS show that won its category. In an attempt to prove that it's cutting-edge, they had two web categories: internet sensation and most popular user-generated video. They could range from home video to Paris Hilton actually talking more intelligently than Chris Matthews...with some help. In this case, the winners were a clip from Ellen DeGeneres's talk show where she dances with Barack Obama, and...
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog!! At last, Joss Whedon and his siblings have created something loved by the people! By an honest-to-goodness mainstream! Certified by a scientific poll!

Then...a cruel twist right out of the Evil League of Evil TV Network: the awards show never mentions the results of the two web awards--at all. Maybe they forgot in all the excitement of giving Dark Knight five awards at once. Still, if you have two web awards, you should mention them, even if it's before a commercial. Otherwise, why have them?

I was worried they'd never give the results but they added the results a couple of minutes after the show ended. Again, they must have forgot.

After all, this is internet programming. Such webisodes will never take over real television, so why make them as important? That must have been the attitude of the PCA organizers. They'll recognize that video podcasts, web comedies or homemade videos exist, but they wouldn't go as far as give them an award and national airtime for a salute.

So, somewhere, Dr. Horrible enjoys his victory, but has a difficult time proving that it exists...or matters.

At least, not yet

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