Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Two "Sweet" Deals

Never mind those Bud Light commercials, or even the Doritos ads dreamed up by amateurs that were better than anything made by ad agencies.The ad that got the most attention was the announcement that Denny's is giving away Grand Slam breakfasts for free. Just in case, local news channels and USA Today reminded people about this offer.

Well, I went over to the Denny's at 3rd and J, and it wasn't that bad. First, they ask your name, and how many in your party. There was between 50 and 75 people outside. No pushing, no arguing. Everyone was waiting calmly for their turn. Granted, I didn't get there until just after 11 AM, after the breakfast rush. Since I work all night long, 11 AM is the regular man's 7 AM. I probably waited 30 minutes to get inside, which wasn't too bad because I had my iPod. There was also a news crew, who got a free Grand Slam breakfast as a prop for their live shoot.

The meal cost me a couple of dollars, but mainly because I had to pay for coffee. I did get discount coupons, which will eventually save me more than two dollars. I think basic Grand Slams, rather than the more exotic versions, cost three-50. So, for the cost of 90 seconds of Super Bowl time, or about nine million, Denny's got a lot of goodwill, and will make the money back soon enough. This is happening because Denny's nemesis is no longer IHOP, but also McDonalds, Starbucks, and Dunkin Donuts. People look for bargains, and they will go towards anything that is most attractive. Denny's is hoping a free meal will be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Meanwhile, I finally got confirmation of what the Wondercon website has been hinting for more than a month....

Whedonopolis can now officially say that it will present another official screening of the classic Buffy musical, "Once More With Feeling." Just like the screening at Comic-Con, it will be the last major event at this year's Wondercon in San Francisco March 1st. Is it amazing it's been more than seven years since this episode was shown on UPN? This was a unique episode that's right up there with Singing In The Rain or even 42nd Street...if you don't count the number of people who burst into flames after dancing a little too long.

Looking back, you'd think the Emmy organizers should have given Joss some nominations for original score for a drama or even Best Original Song. Considering what songs have won that award lately, it kind of makes sense. No matter, because many of us have the memories and the songs on our iPods, or even the soundtrack CD.

It would also be great if there was a Dr. Horrible Sing-a-long, too, although I haven't heard any plans for that. Adding that to the OMWF screening would make the perfect double-header. We should learn more as Wondercon, which is now Comic-Con Jr., gets closer. Of course, I have a little wish list for Wondercon:

a panel on Dollhouse
a wake for Pushing Daisies
a secret screening of Watchmen
or maybe news about Star Trek.

I'd include Cinematic Titanic, but they're coming to SF two weeks before, and I'm already set for that.

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