Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wondercon, Day 2: My NCAA Bracket is ruined!

But I'm OK. This is why.

I Got A Golden Ticket

I actually got this before the con. So, expect coverage at Whedonopolis this weekend,

The first day of Anaheim Wondercon was interesting. They wanted to start off with some nice appetizers. There was only one I wanted, namely 21 Jump Street. I was surprised Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum showed in in their cop uniforms.

Hot Cops

They wanted to pass the word about how cool this new version of an old Fox favorite would be. Jonah did his samurai bit from SNL, and was stunned to find out a baby was there. This was more surprising...


He called himself Captain Comic-Con. I wonder if Nathan will try this if he shows up at a Joss Whedon panel, and wants to ask a question about himself

So, day 2 means movies, Felicia Day and going here....

043 - Copy - Copy - Copy

Seeing horror at a near Imax screen. Should be fun

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