Monday, March 19, 2012

Wondercon post mortem: Stay north, young con

Little geeky ants

Big place, isn't it?
The Anaheim Convention Center easily fit Wondercon and a volleyball tournament without batting an eye. It would be the ideal size to hold Wondercon, or even Comic-Con.
Maybe, though, it's a bit too big, not including the arena next door. They thought it was a good idea to have a shuttle for those who parked at Angels Stadium a few miles away. Comic-Con has a bus system, so why not Wondercon?

Sounds right, but people were used to the coziness of the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Maybe they didn't like to walk so far to get from the action figures to the ballroom where all the big panels were. Maybe they preferred a real downtown, not the one that Walt Disney built near its amusement park entrances.
(Edited to add: apparently there was also a cheerleading competition, which meant major parking problems for three events at once).
It still would have been wet and cold in San Francisco if Wondercon was there as usual, but people liked the arrangement: going north in the spring, and south in the summer. What's more, they're in cities with very good public transit. In Anaheim, the tour buses have a bigger schedule than public transit.

So, Wondercon in Anaheim was a good idea, but I heard from some people that they hope to be heading back to the Golden Gate in 2013.

As for the programming, it's too bad we didn't have any other movie premieres aside from The Cabin In The Woods. Nothing on Men in Black 3 aside from an electric marquee at the UltraLuxe. Dark Shadows also a no-show except on the Hero Complex magazines that were given away. The Avengers had a big ad, but no Hunger Games presence aside from a girl I saw who wore a shirt that said "District 13 Mockingjays"...and some action figures and posters for sale. In fact, swag was a bit light. I did get some Once Upon a Time journal books and a CitW shirt. Not bad, but the real find was getting autographed Bianca Lawson Buffy figures for ten bucks each. I got two.

Also this nice surprise:

Yes we'll be back next season..or should

The Fringe gang (Blair Brown, John Noble and Joshua Jackson) signing for fans before their panel. They talked up the rest of the reason and hopes of one more year. Now that Terra Nova is extinct, that could happen. Too bad I missed the Snow White and the Huntsman panel, which had to be moved ahead, darn it. While Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart are two good reasons to go, they'll be happy that Chris Hemsworth will bring his Thor Nation to the theaters.

And, as I promised, some Disney California Adventure pictures...

Disney's California Adventure at night

This one is from the top of Mickey's Ferris Wheel..

From the top of Mickey's Ferris Wheel

This is a preview of Buena Vista Street, with this building a recreation of the theater that premiered Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Cathay Circle Theater

Hula hoops of the future! Thanks, TRON

Hula Hoops of the Future

and Paradise Pier at night

Paradise Pier at night

The whole Wondercon album can be found here.

Now I am glad to be home. I've packed everything away, and am now preparing for the big show known as Comic-Con. That's going to be wall-to-wall Twi-Hards as they prepare for the final act in November. We'll be getting first reactions to Amazing Spider-Man (based on the trailer, they'll be sequels, but who can be Mary Jane?), and many will pray for an early premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. That, of course, is only for starters.
In any case, I can't wait for this. At least bus service is better and you don't have to worry abut rain.

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