Friday, March 16, 2012

Wondercon: Let the Games Begin

I will have to leave March Madness for a while for Wondercon, also known as Nerd Madness.
I will say the Convention Center has something San Diego does not have, but should in July: wall-to-wall wi-fi. It makes it easier to tweet from the meetings, and I bet it something iPad owners will appreciate so that they don't have to use their 3G connections so much.

It'll be light for me today, with only 21 Jump Street. Gotta use that Disney ticket I bought. The rest of the weekend is packed. I will also offer my Cabin in the Woods posters for an entry into the screening. You know, for press purposes. I will admit the Ultra Luxe facility has a big sign It's also easier to find compared to Downtown Disney's AMC Theater. That's quite a walk from the Con.

I did a lot of walking after I checked in . Apparently, if you're willing to hoof it, several things are within walking distance including Target (with groceries), Vons, popular fast food joints, and even the Crystal Cathedral Robert Schiller use to preach at. I do know there's a Goodwill that's a couple of short bus rides away, and I am hoping it's a hidden swag source.

I'll check back later tonight

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